Project Description

Our most challenging task in 2009 with the purchase of this prestigious villa in a prime location in Krefeld, we stood as a competent advisor to the client for disposal. The first objective was to capture.

The costs to be incurred for an individual, and the optimization of the clean-up This and much negotiation, the purchase price could be substantially reduced again. An ideal base for our implementation of the project. The conversion of this historic villa was a great but challenging experience. Along with the identical aim of the neighbors all outward remodeling needs were initially recognized and applied. The living room and the back part of the garden are completely restructured. Here, particular emphasis is placed on preserving the existing old style elements inserted. Combined with modern living needs of the client, a fantastic result. Our planning and monitoring of this cityscape building caused so much attention that our spectrum was even part of a media report.

Among our services:

  • Costing
  • Materials management
  • living room design
  • Mediation of the craft
  • Examination of tenders and invoices incl. Pricing negotiations
  • Award of construction contracts
  • (VOB / B service contracts with fixed prices and construction schedule)
  • Object monitoring incl. Coordination and documentation
  • Property transfer and deal with identified deficiencies
  • Seclusion certificate and change of use
  • the scoop rooms for commercial purposes
  • Research and funding requests