In this rare and sought-after range is a built-up with warehouses and an office building plot close to the Rhine from Krefeld - Uerdingen. The 51,032 square meter property is currently used as follows: first warehouses The single-storey buildings were built in 1969 and expanded in several phases during the years 1971 to 1976, they are mainly used for storage purposes. There is a growing container, which is used as an office and for social rooms. We have the halls m² up to a 1,315 area, fully let to a total of 5 companies and divided into areas of different size. There are 14 ground-level entrances on three sides of the building and crane tracks 22 different capacity. Among the runways, different possible heights of 6-10 m in the different areas of the hall. In addition, a loading bridge exists harbor-front with boat dock. Space: The land of 18,148 m² were taken from the surface to the ground plan submitted by the owner and plausibility based on the cadastral map. Second office building The detached from the warehouses separately standing, non-basement, three-storey office building with a flat roof was built in 2000 and increased in 2006. The floor plans are functional cut. The building is fully air-conditioned, there is a passenger lift. The building is located on the ground floor. To the office building are parking areas and park like grounds with pond and green space. The second floor is currently empty, the EC is temporarily freely stated by the owner, so that only the first floor is rented long term. The property was originally built for a user, a further division than the current level by level breakdown is denkbar.Aufgrund the large warehouse space with only a small proportion of social and office space in the halls themselves, is a long-term rental of office building in particular on the users of the warehouse space given. Land: EC:. 350 m² plus technology area 1st floor: 410 sqm 2nd floor: 410 m² The surfaces were also taken from the Mietaufstellung and plausibility based on the cadastral map. The third open space open space southwest of the hall will be used as external storage.


office block

Standard equipment: medium - high equipment Year: 2000, 2006 reinforcement floors: ground, 1st-2nd floor of construction: solid ceiling: reinforced concrete stairs: reinforced concrete with natural stone roof: flat roof Flooring: stone, ceramic tile, carpet walls / ceilings: plastered / painted , papered / painted window: aluminum, plastic windows with double glazing doors: metal, -bzw. Wooden doors building services facilities: modern toilet and shower facilities Heating: gas central heating, hot water treatment: water heater ventilation: air conditioning electrical installation: according to the year of construction, floor lighting channels: Single lights

Large fenced-off and parking areas in front of the building.


General Equipment Standard: simple equipment of building: warehouses built in 1969, expanded in 1971 -1976 floors: ground of construction: Finished parts enclosing walls: masonry, concrete facade: plaster, metal interior walls: solid roof: gable roof of profiled sheeting Flooring: Concrete walls / ceilings: painted window: industrial windows doors: metal doors, gates house technology facilities: WC Heating: unheated hot water: No electrical installation: older standard lighting: Single lights


The property is located in the town of Krefeld in close proximity to the western Ruhr Area. The university town with its approx. 240.00 inhabitants is a regional center of the Lower Rhine. The city has a direct connection to one of the densest motorway networks in Europe and the proximity to Dusseldorf International Airport. The Rhine port Krefeld Linn forms the contact point to the waterway network. Train connections to the ICE railway stations in Duisburg, Dusseldorf and Cologne guarantee the connection to the national and international rail network. The evaluation object is located in Krefeld Rhine harbor in a very good location for warehouse / industrial establishments and in the middle range for office buildings around. 8 km east of the city of Krefeld. The approx. 50.000m ² large area is used for storage and production halls and an office building. The location offers excellent transport links with direct access to the waterway network with private investors and loading bridge and access to the rail network of Deutsche Bahn by direct rail link of the site. In addition, the area is accessible via two entrances for trucks. The surrounding area is characterized by commercial real estate. Public transport stops are available within walking distance. Academic, social and religious organizations as well as shops for daily needs located partly in the district of Krefeld Linn or in the rd. 8 km from the city center. The connection to the network of motorways carried low on the Krefeld city center (A57) in rd.3,4km. Lt. market Office Market Report 2012 Economic Development Krefeld is the vacancy rate for office space with built starting in 2000 with approx. 4%, with the average for all ages is 9.7%. The location of the office building, focusing vorw itself. to the downtown area. Based on the entire city of Krefeld has particularly by local steel and chemical industries a higher than average proportion of large production halls, where a large part of it was built before 1990, this old stock but fwd. is restored. The average vacancy rate for Hall property is lt. Account of Economic Development Krefeld currently at 2.8%, but this especially. Relates to the building in worse shape, newer property are specified in accordance with 0.4%. In 2008, the port Krefeld GmbH & Co. KG was founded in partnership with the city of Krefeld and Neuss Dusseldorf the ports GmbH & Co. KG, which acts as a service provider for the company based on location, what particular port logistics and the connection to the rail and waterway network concerns. Lt. telephonic information of the port Krefeld GmbH dated 10/09/2013 is for leased by the Port GmbH faces a very low vacancy rate overall increasing demand for warehouse space in the period 2012-2013, this applies particularly to the container terminal in relation to the evaluation object lying. The popular commercial location is confirmed by well-known companies such as Bayer, Strabag, Siemens and ThyssenKrupp in the port area.


An excellent property for owner-occupiers and investors in the best location.

Excellent commercial property in a prime location right on the Rhine




Expose Typ: Gewerbe
Lager/Produktionsfläche: 18.148
Objektart: Gewerbeimmobilie
Grundstück: 51.032
Garage / Stellplatz: 100-200
Baujahr: 1969 und 2000
Objektzustand: normal
letzte Modernisierung: 2013
Qualität der Ausstattung: normal
Heizungsart: Gaszentralheizung
Energieausweis: liegt noch nicht vor


Kaufpreis: 10.000.000,00
Mieteinnahmen p.a. (Ist): 900.000,00
Mieteinnahmen p.a.: (Soll): 1.000.000,00
Provision: 3,57 % inkl. 19% MwSt.